Child Support: Did he deserve to pay it?

Divorce is never easy; i had court today myself. I have her majority of the time. While he has her roughly 2 nights a week if that.
In beginning, it wasn't my intention to go for child support (mainly due to guilt). He would offer money before, but then he stopped. I didn't pay much mind to it because i didn't need his help living at my parents. Instead, every other week, he was asking me for money (anywhere between $20 to $160). If i told him i couldn't, hed be snippy. When i got my own place, it was harder, but I still didn't bother him with asking for help Since he never seemed to have any money (he lives with his mother with 3 bills and a full time job paying $12hr) . A couple weeks after getting my own place, my position was taken away andninwas forced to step down, along with my pay. It got a little harder on me, but my child was still taken care of. I go to fill out my papers and I had an aid to help me fill them out. She explained that it wasn't whether i needed or wanted the money, but to make sure she was always taken car of. So, i did ask for child support. He and his family were mad at me for going for it because it wasn't fair to him because i never asked for it before. I told him my reasons but he wasnted me to sign a notarized paper that i wouldn't force him to because "he didn't have much moneyand didn't want to live with his mom forever". I told him it was up to the judge. At court today, he snapped at the judge and told her it wasn't fair when i made more than he did and he main come back was "why can't you pay for your child?" I accepted her answer though and now im a liar, etc. Did he actually deserve to pay child support or do i genuinely come off that badly?
Child Support: Did he deserve to pay it?
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