A True Friendzone Or?

My ex left me 2 months ago. However, even until now, he continuously is saying he misses when I used to love him. He continuously says he misses when he was special to me. He continuously says he misses when we were close. Just two weeks ago he was typing PARAGRAPHS to me.

He has a new relationship he jumped into shortly after leaving me. He keeps on saying how she won’t give him his sexual needs. He keeps on saying how he doesn’t feel special to her. He keeps on seeming as if he’s almost insecure with her. Why is he so obsessed with me if he says he’s over me? Why does he love the idea of me loving him and feeling extremely special to him? He even said he missed how I loved him two months ago... but that’s when we were DATING. Yet, he still talks about being best friends.

When he found out I was talking to someone new after the breakup, he IMMEDIATELY got jealous. It’s like, he felt unhappy that someone took something of his. That’s what jealousy is. He still thinks I’m his. Heck, he got even jealous when he thought I had sex (even though I didn’t).

How does he feel? Does he truly want my attention as a best friend... or something more? Would his new relationship probably last?
A True Friendzone Or?
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