He can’t decide between me and her? What do I do?

I don’t really know where to begin... so we met over a year ago and talked for awhile then he moved in with me and due to problems I was facing in my own life along with a few other things he left to go live with her again. We have talked everyday since, we still tell each other we love each other. A few times he has pushed me away and I blocked all his numbers and he’s always found a different way to contact me or find me. Everything I am reading says make him make a choice or simply leave. First off, he was with her when we began talking. Once he moved in we kissed and my goodness it took both our breaths away. There is so much love between us, I don’t want to just give up. I’ve given so much of myself. Every time I think he is done with me, he comes back or finds away to contact me. The sexual connection we have is absolutely insane. Neither of us have ever had it. He says now that he’s having trouble making this decision because she is using their kids against him. He says he loves me with his whole heart and he will marry me and have children with me. If he says all that why isn’t he leaving her?
He can’t decide between me and her? What do I do?
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