I’m broken & lost?

I dated a guy for 4 years who I thought was my soulmate it was a very serious relationship. We broke up and have been going on 7 months. We stayed in contact and acted as friends hung out occasionally. I never really processed the break up because I thought we were going to get back together. I talked to him about trying again he seemed weary but willing to give it a try.. lately he’s been treating me like complete garbage and I’ve been the only one putting in any effort. He ignores me, talks to me & hangs out only when it’s convenient for him. I’ll talk to him about going to dinner and he seems to make excuses but when his friends or family suggest going out for dinner he will stop everything and go with them even if I’ve been asking for weeks. When I approach him about how he’s treating me and not putting in any effort he tells me he doesn’t see anything wrong in the way he’s acting, he will tell me I’m being over sensitive and crazy. I know I’m not, he will ignore my texts for hours but will be on social media, he makes no effort and I’m putting in my 100% to make this work, he will make time for friends and family but not me.. but yet he claims he’s trying to see how things will be and test the waters to see if we can have a relationship? I told him I can’t do it anymore not being treated like this. I asked him to block me on snap chat and block my phone number in a rage of hurt and frustration and what really destroyed me is... he did block me with no hesitation. What do I do? I feel so hurt, unloved & uncared about.. why would he talk to me and lead me to believe he wants to try again to make us work if he’s just gonna treat me this way and see nothing wrong with it?
I’m broken & lost?
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