Should I completely forget about my ex now?

Well my ex boyfriend broke up with last June 26th. After that, we never spoken to each other until just last week, Nov 7. He followed me on tiktok and on Instagram as well. He said he wanna get back together and so I gave him a chance and iw as trying to see if there's still a spark between us. So, he was still the same person I know. He still get jealous and everything. Anyway, I'm a really very religious person and were both Christian but just different church. He's a "born again" Christian and while me, I am a Latter-day Saint Christian (LDS). One day, I asked him if he was willing to convert himself into my religion and he said "no". I was surprised tbh cuz I thought he's gonna be willing to be with me. I was wrong. We even came to the point of arguing to each other about it and he's bad mouthing my religion or beliefs. It's just really annoying. I have tried to explain everything what my religion is all about but he wouldn't take it. So I got really pissed off and I am the who end things with him. Howbeit, it does hurt for me cuz I don't normally do that. And after that, I started to miss him again... So I don't know what to do. Please someone give me an advice. I'd really love to hear ur opinions.
Should I completely forget about my ex now?
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