Does this make me a band person?

So I’ve been in a toxic relationship with a guy who seems to be a narcissist and is emotionally abusive for about 4 years. No sex, kissing hardly, he belittles me, puts me down, is always mean to me and makes shit comments, controls and manipulates me, and I’ve never felt more alone in my life and like I have no one since I’ve been with him. Well I’ve been thinking about leaving him and staying with a friend I know but me and her aren’t that close but I just wanna get away from him I moved from Texas to Kansas to be with him so I have no one here and I kind of wanna be up here cause I like it here. So I’m guessing would it make me a shit person if I didn’t tell him I wanted to leave him and just planned it and left one day but told him before I left?
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Does this make me a band person?
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