Why do I keep going back to my ex boyfriend?

i don't understand why I keep doing this. I had sex with him and now he isn't contacting me but before he'd contact me and we'd hang out, go places. I feel like he got what he wanted and he realizes I am thinking now.

did a ton of embarrassing things because he thought there was nothing wrong with it. I don't feel he's helpful for me mentally or emotionally. why the hell do I go back to him?


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  • Maybe because he reminds you your DAd? Something Freudian all the same?


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  • Well sometimes there are feelings that you can't let go of.

    How long were you together? time is a factor that you should think of.

    Do you go back because its almost habitual?

    No one can tell you why your doing something,but they can point out some stuff.

    And sometimes its just hard to let things go.

    I understand were your coming from.

    But if he's no good for you find someone who is.

    stay away from him. I hope you feel better.

  • Because your still in love with him. The only way to get over him is the 'no contact' rule.