Ex got a new boyfriend 3 days after breakup?

we dated for a year and 5 months, she was toxic she destroyed me but it was my fault i stayed with toxic , deep down i’m hurting myself bc deep down i don’t care. I realized i don’t love her i was just addicted, She was pretty as hell really pretty it kept me to stay, chill. i’m just a senior in high school. I’m sad she got a new boyfriend already but it’s okay instead of working on herself she got into another relationship it’s not my problem i’m just salty. I don’t regret breaking up and i’m glad i left that monster who continued to play with my heart. She acts as if she’s the victim but it’s cool. Time never lies right? Now the question is is this normal she got a new boyfriend in 4 days and also
I broke up with her like 8 times but 3 times for real, it’s clear she moved on but all those breakups meant something to me , she eventually got tired , she was manipulating me to stay so.. but anyways we swore we love each other but i realize it wasn’t love. Am i hurting myself forcing my self to give a fuck? Deep down i don’t care.
Ex got a new boyfriend 3 days after breakup?
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