Why is she so mad when she pushed me out?

I reconnected with a girl I liked in highschool last year. We had instant chemistry, we both had gotten out of toxic relationships within the last 6 months, we even went to high school together.
She lived about two hours away from me for school, but we texted all day, everyday for over a month. She kept saying how she wished I was there with her, and I'd offer to come to see her after I was done with work but she also had night classes.
During her break, we went out and she called the date short and she explained she wasn't fully over her ex and felt terrible because she really liked me. She sounded like she was gonna cry. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said I understood and I'd be there for her.
Over the next two months she'd vent and id dread talking to her. But then she got short with me and snapped on me for asking how her day was.
At this point, I gave up and removed her from my social media, and deleted her number. But she never contacted me.
It's been roughly 5 months and I happened to run into her at a store and she slapped me. I felt bad that i upset her that much, so I reached out to her on Facebook, and she declined the request.

Now, it's been a month since I ran into her, and I know she comes into town this week for Thanksgiving, and she came into my work with her sister and followed me around when she noticed I was there. But never came up to me.

What's her deal?
Why is she so mad when she pushed me out?
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