Is he calling me from unknown numbers?

Him and I went our separate ways because he wanted to control who I spoke to and was pissed when I don’t pick up his calls immediately. He blocked me for not following his “demands” due to his own jealousy and possessiveness.

A day after I noticed I keep getting calls from an unknown number. It’ll say (example:800-722-8293) but beneath it’ll have no area of where the call is coming from and when I try to call back i am not directed anywhere. This all happened a day after we stopped speaking to one another. I am still receiving calls today as well and when I picked up one number and said “hello? Hello?” that person stayed on the line then hung up 1 minute later.

I never ever have that many calls calling my phone in one setting and it’s ironic that right after we went apart the calls come up.

I may be overthinking? Please give me some feedback on this?
Is he calling me from unknown numbers?
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