I really need help with my ex boyfriend?

I REALLY need help.
Ever since i ended things with my ex in September, he has been obsessed with me. He contacts me non stop and whenever he sees me, he will go out of his way to approach me. I have talked to him CALMLY over 20 times about how i needed space and he needs to let me be for now and if we rekindle in the far future, then great.

I have had to start being stern w him about why i dont want to be with him anymore because of the amount of times I've said the same thing. He says he gets it but then 4 days later he'll contact me about the same things.

I have done EVERYTHING guys. I even finally blocked his cell after 30 texts and calls... but then a week later he saw me and in public, shouted out loud that im a slut for NO reason. I didn't do anything to egg him on... as a matter of fact i try to avoid him at all costs but its hard on a college campus. The campus police heard him yell and we both got brought in and im hoping to God that he FINALLY gets it but i dont know what to do anymore.

No matter what anyone says it won't get through to him and he's stubborn & selfish. I felt bad because in the beginning he was really trying to mend things and he really believes im the one, and in our relationship he was NEVER like this. I get that break ups hurt but he has taken it TOO far and i want to go through this break up NORMALLY!! But the bad things he's doing as an ex is ruining the good memories. he's REALLY not acting okay and i get major anxiety every step i take.

After the way he's acting now though, he's ruined any chances of us being together in the future.. And im scared he's gonna contact me again. How do i cope w this? What do i do? Im going to therapy and public safety talked to him but i dont think that will change his thought process!!
I really need help with my ex boyfriend?
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