How am I supposed to feel? He downgraded?

It’s been a year and I’ve just about recovered from my narcissistic relationship.

First wver relationship and and actually didn’t know what that word meant until I was trying to make sense of my situation.

Now I found out after months of partying that my ex has a new girlfriend. She is the opposite of me in every way and what you might call a “downgrade” in terms of looks. She could have a great personality (and I’m sure she does actually because he seems to like kind girls who will look after him)

I can’t help but think about it... he told me he liked that I was a model (national pageants) and the way I looked. Now I think... that can’t have been the case at all...

i broke up with him just to clarify

anyone been through something similar
How am I supposed to feel? He downgraded?
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