So I have a story.. has something like this happen to u?

So this is awkward but my ex - boyfriend broke up with me. He said he wants to be friends, but I don’t know how we can. He admitted that he’s been lying to me for a while about loving me and that he didn’t love me in a romantic way anymore. In a way I’m not surprised. I felt inside for a few months that he didn’t really love me because he would post about other girls but then I felt like I was overreacting as he said. And when I asked he didn’t love me anymore, he said he did. And I kinda felt that way. Some other things had between us that happened, I regret with a passion and wish I could erase from my mind or from existence because it has really fucked me up. A few days later after he broke up with me, I tried to get him back but he said no ofcourse. I feel like this is my karma for telling my other ex (online bf) that I didn’t wanna be in a relationship that much because it was too stressful.. which he was not wrong. I just got into one too quick. We starting dating a couple months after we started talking which maybe one reason why we didn’t work out. I just personally think us being friends won’t work out either because I feel like he has changed and things will be awkward after the shit we’ve put either tho. It’s probably not healthy. My petty ass unfollowed him , he did do a lot of stuff for me tho but I did because he was kinda an asshole. He said a lot a rude things and acted like he didn’t even care. Even my parents noticed but I was too head over heels to see.
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Also should I tell my other ex that we didn’t work out just to talk to him as a friend. My other one were okay.
So I have a story.. has something like this happen to u?
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