Why do I keep social media stalking him, when I broke up with him TWICE?

He is 37 and a "financial advisor" (he's in debt), and a divorcee, while I am 22 y. o. grad. student. We had been on and off for 8 months, but once we started to get consistent, and I began to ask him his intentions he would go from, "he needs more time to get to know me more" to "it's going to take a a-lot for him to be tied down".

I met his son, brother, business partners, after us being consistent for 3 months, but when I went away on business (5 weeks), we got into a PETTY argument on the last week via text, and I flat out told him that I am no longer waiting for him/his commitment, nor what I want nor need from him... He then says, " I am not waiting anymore for you either". Cool. I proceeded to wish him "clarity, kindess, and peace", yet he began to send me pics of places we had been together, I went cold.. Later, the convo when I got back was short (text), about 2 weeks after I texted him something that reminded me of him, and just ended it with "well I hope you have a great rest of your day", he wished me the same... then the NEXT day he posts a pic on his social media of "two beautiful women" (he said, AKA a woman thats married+ her friend), the gag is the girl look VERY much like me. After that, I took him off my social media.

Ran into him about, and we ignored each-other... Now he entertains girls that look just like me (Ik social media stalking is bad, but they're not dating, he is always in groups with girls that look JUST like me, it's weird). Fast forward 6 months later, and I am upgraded even more in my career, looks, but am not dating right now. Why do I still think of him?
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We did not have sex, but did french kiss :/
Why do I keep social media stalking him, when I broke up with him TWICE?
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