Have you ever wanted an ex back?

Our breakup was weird, like we didn't want to, well at least I was positive I didn't.. And she didn't want to either but she was nervous that if things didn't get better between the two of us that she was afraid that she'd end up hurting me. She was confused about what to do, she lost her attraction for me but she still loved me. So she didn't want to break up bcs she didn't want to hurt me. And I was me who brought up the option of breaking up. I'd ask her if she thinks we should but her answer was never a definite yes. She didn't want to but she felt like it might be necessary. I would try to convince her that this is just something couples go through. That if we loved each other at one point in our relationship, truthfully, then we started doing things differently that we didn't realize and ended up at this point. And I don't know, when I analyze the relationship and realize what went wrong, I realized that throughout the entire relationship there was love. But, there's wasn't attraction after about a year into the relationship. We were really good together at first, her friends would say she looks a lot happier when she's with me, and I've never met someone like her who I connected with so easily. We cared about each other's needs until it became too much because of mental issues. and we just weren't mentally stable and neither one of use had been in a healthy relationship long enough to understand what one is, so when our insecurities started acting up. We thought we were still doing good when we really weren't. I don't know, if i committed time to work on myself, to improve myself. Should I try again with her one day? Should I let her go?
Have you ever wanted an ex back?
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