My ex is acting weird?

I broke up with him 1 month ago, but after one week of us breaking up he sent me a message on whatsapp making sure that i am okay because he saw my whatsapp status and knew that i was having hard times and i am not okay because my friend is too ill, he even called me just to cheer me up, he called me 3 days in a row after that day. Then he didn’t call at all but he sends me a message every two weeks and views every single whatsapp or fb story that i post. He even copies me sometimes, he posts a pic with his friend right after i post a pic with mine which is weird 😂
last but not least, I uploaded a fb story of the joker and harley quinn quote “would you live for me?” He replied to this story saying”no😜”. I really am so confused, so can you please tell me why he cares enough to call me 3 days in a row just to make sure i am fine? And why does he text me every two weeks and suddenly stops? What does all that mean?
My ex is acting weird?
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