Should I leave him? How do I know if it is time?

I have been in a relationship for the past 3 years, and I have been thinking about leaving for quite some time now. We are currently seniors in high school, he is 18, and I am 17. Lately, it seems like we kind of are more like friends than in a relationship, and my relationship with his family went down south as well. When I was helping my boyfriend pass his classes, and putting him first, his family loved me. When I started defending myself and pursuing my dreams and goals, and beginning to love myself, my relationship with his folks started sagging. I took hard classes this year (2AP classes, Pre-Calculus, Physics, etc.), so I don't have as much time to hangout as I used to, and this seemed to strain things a bit, but I am always available on the weekends. Recently, I started attending church more and more to try and get closer to my faith (I am cathlioc), whereas he denounced his religion, saying he didn't choose to be baptised and therefore he does not believe anymore. I didn't think this would bother me a whole lot, but it started to bother me, as I want to be able to pray with my partner and discuss controversal topics without argument. Lately, I just feel like if we seperated and focused on us, we would be a lot happier. When we discussed marriage when we would be 23-24 or something like that, I wanted an open bar so that my family could get sodas and drinks, basically whatever they needed without worry or fuss, and to get married at a church, as well as baptise my future kids, he however, shot that down competly, saying he doesn't want any religion or alcoho (no bar) or nothing. He also wanted to be in control of the finances, saying that im just gonna sit there and spend all the money and be irresponsible. I don't like the idea of being controlled, and not being able to have an intimate relationship with my partner religiously. What do you guys think?
Should I leave him? How do I know if it is time?
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