A little update about a turd?

Since this put me down that he isn’t willing to spend Christmas with me and all of the others issues we’ve had, I started thinking that maybe I should find someone else. I logged back into my Tinder that I haven’t used in a while and realised he’s been pretty active on that.

He posted many photos from him such as from sea, and even from now.

I’m taking this opportunity while he’s at work to pack my things and leave for good. This guy isn’t worth anything. Last time when I was leaving, he changed the locks to prevent me from moving out, he even stood out of my house for 2 hours begging me. This time he can even sleep in-front of my house, It is over.

Everything is clear now.
3 d
He came there begging me for 4 hours at 8:30 pm.. where was he before if he cares? Ofc I didn’t come.

He said he logged on Tinder cause he thought he will forget me by talking to others. Then deleted it after few hours cause he didn’t. Why he changed locks when I wanted to move out then if he trynna forget me.

He then sent a long paragraph explaining about his insecurities and not getting women for so long, feeling insecure about himself. Virgin for so long (18) thats not long in my opinion.
3 d
Lost virginity at a club cause he wanted to be cool like other fboys.

Then he met me & magically he had everything with me. He lied to me about being fboy to look cool but didn’t want to tell the truth cause I wouldn’t accept him?

He said he's willing to prove he had nothing with anyone on Tinder, and willing to delete every social media even fb ig everything?

He finishes work at 4pm and he came at 8:30 pm, was there til 12 am. in my opinion if someone is serious they would come earlier.
A little update about a turd?
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