Love with friendship breakup 7.6 years?


We were childhood friends. I was in love with here from same 6th class.

My childhood friend proposed her in 6th class and she said yes to him.

So after 8th class i was not in contact with her.

But she was having relation with my friend till 12th class and had breakup..

She met a guy in her college after 13th and was having soft corner for him, when he use to propose she always rejected him. Maybe because of his other caste i think.

I was again in contact with her by facebook.

When she was single. We were best friends within 1 to 2 year, i was here to make her fall in love again.

We used to talk to each other day and night for 10 months than had a small fight and she blocked me but again unblocked me after 10 days on my birthday.

I was there with her from last 7.6 years.

I was there when she required me.

She was also there.

We used to have fight every 6 months and not use to talk six months but she use to take the first call and call me.

She used to tell me i was special person and i was important.

Last past month her wedding got fixed. But she didn't told me.

I saw a status of my friend on whatsapp that her pre wedding program just happened and she had fixed the wedding with the guy she met after 13th class.

The guy had convinced her parents that no caste is required for marraige.

She accepted and her family also accepted.

I never told her that i loved her. I thought she will always be there with me.

Last i called after seeing the status and she told me that i am important to her. And i was the bestest friend she had in life. I proposed her on call that time.

She said why so early i proposed.

I asked what if i had proposed her before.

She said she didn't had the answer.

She never had any feelings.

I can't stay her friend anymore as it will hurt me more
Love with friendship breakup 7.6 years?
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