When you completely block an ex out of your life, is it because it's too painful to stay involved?

When you go through great lengths to completely block your ex out of your life, does it mean it's too painful to be reminded of them? Is it becuase you want to move on and think that's the only way? I know that ex's I keep in my life by any means is becuase my feelings aren't strong anymore so I'm comfortable with being reminded of them.

Could another reason be because the ex was being really annoying with messages and you wanted your space to move on?


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  • Its usually too painful for me to be reminded of them, especially if I was dumped. And cutting them out of my life is the only way to move on. If I loved someone and they don't love me back anymore, they just need to be out of my life then (its just unhealthy to have an unrequited love) so I can get on with everything and find someone new. Maybe with time I will contact them again and try to have them in my life, but only after I know I've moved on.


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  • For me, yes.

  • In my experience, yes I blocked my exes out because it was too painful to see them move on. it was too painful to be reminded of us when we were happy.