Two different views, will it ever work?

Me and my boyfriend of 10 years ( living separately with our parents) We have always had very tough conflicting arguments. We are at our breaking point! I'm so distressed.

My way-
When two people argue, I think it's important to talk it out with nothing left to be assumed. Then after once it's all out there, make it up to eachother and come closer again. So you can replace the negative thoughts with good ones and carry on with a positive outlook on the relationship.

His way-
After an argument, take time apart, leave it and dont talk. Doesn't want to see me because we have argued, and doesn't want to go into the detail of it that much. Will text and call the next day like nothings happened but dont want to see me or make me feel better.

THE COLD SHOULDER that in return makes it a hell of a lot worst for me to get over.

I see it like this and this is how I explained it to him to understand-
If you stretch out an elastic band (argument) afterwards it should always ping right back (mend) but what happens instead is this elastic band its stretched and stretched its lost its elasticity. I had to explain it so simply like that because he cannot understand my view.

I think my way , is the right way but I understand space is needed sometimes but you should always make it good afterwards, rather than just carryon like nothing.

My question here is. Is my view incorrect?
And can two people seriously be happy if there view on this is so completely different?
Two different views, will it ever work?
Two different views, will it ever work?
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