Is it reasonable that I’m really upset with him for this?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we’re both 24. We’re both saving up to move out ( I live with my parents for now and he’s living with his aunt). He doesn’t have that much family in his life bc his dad and brother passed away and he’s never had a good relationship with his parents so his aunt is basically his guardian. She’s controlling and manipulative and since he lives with her he feels like he has to listen to her or else she will pick fights with him and basically make his life miserable. But it doesn’t seem like he’s making any effort to move out and get away from her. The other night my boyfriend told me that him and his family (his aunt, grandma, uncle) and his aunts friend and their family were going to a movie but he said he wasn’t too excited to go so I suggested asking if I could come along and then he acted kinda weird and said his aunt might want it to just be a night without me involved bc I were to go it would take his focus away from them. I get that but it also seemed like he was making excuses. He kept saying there weren’t any seats left when I had already checked and there were. He wasn’t upfront with me and gave that as an excuse and then later on he told me his aunt just preferred if I wasn’t there. I was upset of course and so I was acting cold towards him. I was feeling kind of upset so yesterday I suggested getting tickets for just the two of us to see a movie this Saturday. We bought the tickets online yesterday only to have him call me a few hours later to tell me he might have to cancel our movie night plans and reschedule because his aunt has a comedy show. I was really upset and he told me that he just wants to support her. We also barely get to see each other and his aunt limits his time with me to 10 hours a week and he lets her. Should I have a reason to feel upset or am I overreacting?
Is it reasonable that I’m really upset with him for this?
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