Ex boyfriend got MARRIED?

My ex and I dated in 2014, breaking up in early 2016
We were friends when I joined the university but he didn't like me that time.

In late 2014 he moved to Catalonia and I'm Catalan so we started meeting up frequently whenever I went there which led to sex and began dating. It was mostly long distance but we met up frequently.

Our relationship was good but we were very different people in terms of personality. And it wasn't that serious even though we did put up pictures of each other on SM and met each others family.

However, he decided to return to UK in late 2015 and while were living together when he moved back, we broke up in early 2016.

6th dec 2019, he got married to a girl I'm now finding out was his crush before he began dating me.

Apparently he wanted her throughtout mid 2013-mid 2014 but they just couldn't get together that time.
My ex boyfriend likes his independence and I do that too but he with her, he would stay with her nearly all the time.
They would eat lunch together, study together, and even go home together.
They would by themselves only when she had classes/he at work. Otherwise whenever he would come, he was always with her.
I had also seen him blatantly staring at her stupidly which looked ridiculous.

However a friend showed me the wedding video and though he's Jewish, he made a speech saying how he met her and it "love" at first sight in 2014. Then claimed fate/life separated them in 2015 but they eventually found their way back to each other.

He also claimed he knew it was a deep connection/love because when he met her again for the 2nd time after the separation, he still harboured those feelings he had for her, was guilty and wanted her back.

He also said that she taught him what love is, to accept himself for who he is and is supportive/caring to the core.

I dont care for my ex but I was devastated hearing this. So what was I then? He dated me in between after her and I'm completely erased?
How did he marry this girl so quickly?
Ex boyfriend got MARRIED?
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