Is this weird or am I making too much of it?

This guy I sometimes talk to who does security at the mall overheard part of a heated conversation I was having with my husband because he would not let me have my keys or my purse back and tells me I need jesus and I should come to his house church so I am not in a bad mood in public anymore and won't have to drown my sorrows at the bar.

My husband and I have a really toxic relationship on both sides. I am secretly planning to leave soon. He has been physically abusive on several occasions and threatened me but mostly just mentally abusive. I am a 100 percent that bitch so I probably deserve some of it. But anyway leaving for my own sanity. I am keeping completely on the dl.

The guy probably meant well, but I feel like he was blaming for the whole relationship sucking. It isn't all one person. I definitely am not interested in church right now. My abusive husband is very religious and has totally turned me off church.
2 mo
I do probably drink a little too much, and am trying not to. Kind of helps with my panic attacks
Is this weird or am I making too much of it?
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