Is he just trying to show off?

My ex and i broke up almost a year ago after 5 years of dating. I met a new guy and we married 8 months later. Its been good.
I work for a movie theatre and its one of the few around me.
I havnt seen my ex since we broke up, and he blocked me on everything. But the other day he came into my theatre with his new girlfriend. She is very beautiful and he has literally transformed. he's now very, buff?, he's slimmer and his arma are more muscly than I've ever seen. he's even grown a beard and i dunno, seems like he's calmer.
I walked past him several times to make sure it was him, the only time he looked at me was while he was waiting outside the bathroom, and he caught me looking.
He glanced over at me, made eye contact for a few seconds, but his expression didn't change and he went back to his phone.
They were leaving not long after.

Did he come in just to show off his new girlfriend and/or his new body? I know he used to go out of his way to go to a different theatre to avoid seeing me.
He came to show off
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Is he just trying to show off?
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