How do I detach from my ex when we live together?

We just moved into our new apartment. It's a 13 month lease. We broke up two weeks after moving in. She broke up with me. She's into drugs and partying and I'm into schooling and health. I felt we shouldn't end up getting back together because we're not compatible. She still wants to be friends and I think that's good but sometimes we have sex and we sleep together most nights in my room. I'm trying to not see her as my girlfriend because I know she's not someone who I really want to be with. I think she's cute and fun but I also feel like it's awkward to be so close to her knowing she could be sleeping around. She's free to do that since we're both single and so am I. I'm more into actual relationships instead of hookups and she's the opposite (hence the partying and drugs). I thought about moving out and I'm debating on it. Besides her I have one roommate who came from out of state just to live with me and learn from me and I almost feel a little selfish leaving with him here. I'm also taking classes here so moving would be like dropping out unless I find a new place to live with new roommates.
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I can't kick her out. I could only ask her to leave.
How do I detach from my ex when we live together?
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