How do I get rid of these feelings?

There is this woman that I haven't talked to in over a month and it stems from our relationship developed and ultimately got fucked up on my end.

She was a mutual friend of me and my ex who ended up cheering me up and taling with and eventually flirting with me after I broke up with my ex. I never pegged her as a girl I would have really like because I had eyes for my ex and eventually she and I found out we had quite a bit in common. We had great chemistry (often got asked by others if we were together), similar sense of humor and it felt easy and effortless in silence and communicate between us, it felt natural and right.

She was the one who initiated the flirting via snapchat and text and eventually Instagram. I played it easy because I didn't want her to feel like a rebound from my ex and I didn't feel ready to deal with a other girl so soon. Eventually this continued and she was the one who made the first move on me and kissed me first on the lips. It surprised me and I wasn't sure how to feel, but she did it again after we hung out a week later and by that point I realized I really liked her and I felt wanted and the feelings were reciprocated, much more than what I had with my ex.

I felt like I was on cloud nine and king of the fucking world. I wanted her, badly, and this was almost 6 months after my stint with my ex. This girl told me about her past relationships with her exes and told me that they both cheated on her and that she was not looking for a relationship. With the reactions she had towards me I thought she may have changed her mind

Well I decided to kiss her for after she kissed me the first two times and she became distant afterword saying her boundaries had been crossed and that if we met under different circumstances she maybe would consider me, but I now realize I had no fucking chance, even though I never would have met her unless I met her the way I did. This left me feeling embarrassed, humiliated, hurt and angry.
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I love that it was through her that I became more knowledgeable about the woman I want in my life, but I hate the fact I fucked it up with her and will never be the man she wants. I sometimes wish I never met her because I have never felt so low in my life, even after my ex broke up with me. I feel hurt, hollow and broken.
2 mo
I hate these feelings I have right now and want nothing more than for them to die. I was stupid enough to be vulnerable and let her in and now I don't want to do that for another woman at all. How do I stop feeling this way?
How do I get rid of these feelings?
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