Will it ever be more?

I’ve got a crush on this boy in my class, it took me a month to speak to him but ever since I did he and I built a casual friendship. We don’t hang out outside of school because he is a very busy guy, but whenever he sees me in class he interacts with me and has casual conversations with me. I decided that I would be upfront with him and tell him that I had a crush on him because I suck at hiding my emotions anyway. He ended up telling me that he has noticed my feelings but that he isn’t ready for a relationship do to work and school and (his social life falling off a cliff? What hard that means) anyway, he told me he and I quote “still really like you” as a friend and that’s he hopes it doesn’t change anything. Now my question is, although I understand feelings aren’t mutual and he isn’t looking for anything romantic now. Does this still leave open a window of possibility? He didn’t say he didn’t see me that way or anything along those lines.. all he said was that he’s too busy for a relationship. So am I overthinking this or what?
Will it ever be more?
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