Did my narcissist just dump me?

I have been seeing a guy for a year. We started off allegedly being in a relationship but devolved to friends with benefits then fuck buddies. I learned over the course of the year he is narcissistic. He would love bomb and gaslight me.

Well, things have changed and I think I am now completely in the devaluation zone. He used to respond to my texts but has recently been slow or no reply.

I did have an episode a month ago where I tried to break up with him but felt vulnerable and took him back... he acted like he was ready to let me go. But when I said I wanted him back he became attentive and jumped right back with me. He said I belonged to him etc...

About 2 weeks ago we had sex per our usual routine. Afterwards I felt chatty and decided to text him good morning baby have a good day and I miss your dick already. I got no response. Its been almost 2 weeks. Mind you he has disappeared before but it was awhile ago that it happened.

Well, I decided not to chase after him since he disappeared. No more texts or calls from me either.

My questions are have I officially been dumped?

Was I wrong to send that last text?

Is it good that I stopped chasing him?

Might he reach out to me again? I suppose I want some closure I may never get.
Did my narcissist just dump me?
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