Why don’t I have a boyfriend?

A lot of people say that I am pretty, for a long time, my whole life, a lot of people compromise me, and I appreciate it. But. I never had a boyfriend. The people I liked never really said he liked me, although I know he liked me. But that was in high school. Now I’m in college, I barely know people, well, I don’t socialize that much. And I don’t really like socializing. While others said that I look angry all the time, I’m intimidating, not friendly, arrogant...
Well, it’s just me, I’m doomed to be alone, I just rejected a guy before, it’s true that he sucks, no one would like him.
Now no one chase me, no more, does it means no one is brave enough to chase me? Even my closest friend, a guy in my class, doesn’t like me. What’s my prob?
Why don’t I have a boyfriend?
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