Should I text him first?

So there was a guy I might had feelings for. We were talking around a week , but it turned out he wanted just one thing from me when I indeed wanted to take things slow.

After 3 months he found my insta and texted me like can we be friends again (cz when we were talking he said he didn’t wanted to be friends), I’m tired of hook ups and casual things ( which from one side made me feel disgusted a bit , like when you are done with all the hoes you want a proper GF? How would you feel?)

So I said yep whatever we can be friends. When we talked I turned out he is currently sick. I wish him to get well soon and that’s it.

It’s been 2 days he’s not texting back , I wanted to ask if he’s been better now , but some things are stopping me. I should have my pride right? and I don’t want him to think I care about him or am a easy girl to get you know.
What would you do? All the reasonable thoughts are appreciated 🖤
Should I text him first?
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