Was this fair for her to do on me?

My girlfriend and me been together for 2 mos. She's accused me of talking with other girls, and yeah, I have, but I couldn't tell her that. She heard me asking another guy I know who's a total player on the phone how to play it cool on chicks who are thicc and in black leggings that always have a poker face, cuz I try to but I can't ignore looking down or get through their poker face at all and it's frustrating. I didn't know she was listening. I denied talking with other girls, or even looking. She set me up. She had this cute college chick meet me at a mall and she recorded it. This chick was brunette, 19, 5'6 and maybe 160. Had on black leggings. She came up to me at the mall, asked me a question. I TRIED to ignore that big booty and legs... but she was too thicc! The black tights, damnit!! My eyes dropped fast to both spots and my mouth DROPPED😮😮😮. I looked up fast... but she had a poker face and I panicked, went😖😖UGGH! When I got home, my girlfriend asked me again. I said no. She showed me the video, and I was like DAMNIT!!! That is NOT right! Was that even fair?
No, it wasn't fair at all
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No, but you should've told her
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😊😊😊got taught a lesson huh? Good😏
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Was this fair for her to do on me?
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