Creepy guys who are harmless?

I was always a creepy guy. At least that’s how I felt. Looking back I still can’t see any other option. Girls thought I was creepy.

But when asking girls what makes a guy creepy on this website, girls describe creepy in a totally different way. They describe creepy as guys who stalk them. Guys who do things that are blatantly sexually dangerous to a woman. Guys who get mad because she didn’t want to have sex on the first night, or whatever.

But in my life, I was just shy, awkward, and had zero ability to talk to girls. And I know for a fact they saw me as creepy, even though I’ve never done any actions which girls would describe as creepy on this site.

But, I know a lot of guys feel like they creep women out. You meet a girl and you’re all shy and shit and boom, she’s creeped out and you didn’t even do anything.

I wonder what women think of this? Guys, what makes you feel like you’ve creeped a woman out? Why is it that shy guys creep women out? Why is it that guys with less than good social skills creepy women out?
Creepy guys who are harmless?
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