Why is this emotional abuser trying to talk to me?

So I was friends/dating this guy for a while and it was so much drama mainly due to his alcoholism, mental disorders, misogyny, etc. I told him about a week ago that because of his actions and words “it’s goodbye and you will never see me again because you are showing me you don’t want me in your life” when he dropped me off home. He was very angry and rude like refusing to say I wish you well to in life and that he never cared (that part doesn’t really matter as much as refusing to wish me well in life which is evil). He had nothing nice to say and didn’t correct my judgment on how he clearly does t want me In his life based on his actions just had a uncaring attitude. A few days passed and he sent a “Hi!” text which I ignored as I was serious about the final straw. What is his deal? Should I be worried since he reached out despite me telling him he could never see me again and he still contacted me? Help! I was creeped out because I am done with chances and caring.
Why is this emotional abuser trying to talk to me?
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