Do you think women over thirty need to be taken down a few notches?

I do. I’m sorry but from 15 to about 30 they have all the power in sex and dating. They’re fed so much bullshit it’s laughable. “Don’t have sex outside of marriage. The right man will wait”, “Don’t worry about getting a man. Work on yourself and build your career and find a man later”. What they don’t realize is most men aren’t going to wait for sex. When we like you, we want to fuck you. End of story, so when you hit us with “ I’m waiting until marriage to have sex” we leave. Why the hell should I invest my life and half my stuff in you then find out after the fact that you suck in bed or that you’re going to withhold sex from me. And your purpose is not careers ladies. Your purpose is marriage and babies. Men want to start relationships young, you girls want education, briefcases and corporate positions and thus throw good men away and sleep around for the sake of career advancement, then you arrive at thirty when your looks go to shit and think you’re still entitled to good men. Guess what honey, those good men are now courting, marrying and starting families with smart, pretty young women who USED to be you. And even if you are still pretty, you’re still not good for anything more than a one time fuck. Yet many of you still think you deserve love. Guess what! You don’t. You threw away many chances of finding love. Your only choice is to shut up and find some dumb beta simp who is willing to marry you or get cats. By the way, the only reason the beta simp is marrying you is because he’s to ugly and broke to get the hot young girls. And yes, my bitterness stems from being rejected left right and sideways by you bitches. If you’re over thirty and still not married, you fucked up and it’s your own fault. STOP CHOOSING CAREERS OVER MARRIAGE AND FAMILY!

To the men of GAG who take every opportunity to put down these bitches and remind them that they are NOTHING without marriage, you’re my heroes!
Yes, women over thirty need to accept that they are useless to any smart man
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Women are useless no matter what age
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Do you think women over thirty need to be taken down a few notches?
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