What's the best way to forget someone and move on?

menina m
A month ago I posted a question about a guy I was falling for. Some of you might remember that.
I tried to approach him. I wrote a letter because I used to get really nervous and embarrassed around him.
My friend (who gave him the letter) said that he seemed excited when he got it. Unfortunately that excitement was fake because he didn't reply me.

I always knew that he wasn't interested in me but I decided to do something, so I won't have regrets.
I was expecting an answer from him, never thought he would ignore me.

Now, I need to forget him and move on with my life. I just don't know how.

Any advice?
1 y
OMG!!! You guys might not believe me but I got a reply from him!!! He said he liked my words and that he won't forget them soon.
He has a girlfriend and I'm not surprised at all. But he said we can be friends and that we could have a coffee.
Obviously we are not going to date, but knowing what he thinks make happy! And I would love to be friends with him.
I just wanted closure and I finally have it! . :) ❤
What's the best way to forget someone and move on?
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