Will he text me?

I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and today he came to collect his stuff. We were together 6 months throughout those 6 months till the end he told me he loved me constantly. Told all his friends and family I was the 1. Whenever we were apart he told me he missed me. It was a text argument that went too far we were both stupid and said things we shouldn't have. I text him this morning before he came to collect stuff and said I didn't want this and that it was his decision and I wanted to sort it. He was still mad and said it was over. We text times and places to swap stuff. He came to mine he was here all of a minute and said he was in a rush (he's just been at home since). He said the minimum and made no eye contact. His voice was quiet and he kept saying right over and over. I am truly gutted but from texting this morning i've done what I can and let him know how I feel. Do you think he'll text? if so post an opinion on how long you think i need to wait.
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Will he text me?
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