How do you pick yourself up after a breakup?

My wife of 2 years left me 6 months ago. I know it’s cliche but it really was out of the blue.
We had just enjoyed a holiday together and seemed very close/inseparable but when we returned she decided we shouldn’t be together.

we separated for 2 weeks (no contact) then she calls me late one night wanting to make a go of things again. I agreed and the next 3 weeks again we’re passionate and loving. Again she decides one afternoon we shouldn’t be together but this time for good.

I had asked the reasoning and she lied saying she wanted to be alone to find herself (no sexual relationships as this would interfere) 3 weeks later she calls again but this time she says she is enjoying being single and sleeping around and wants a divorce.

Until this point I was a confident person but this just makes me feel inadequate at every level.

The anxiety of my first Christmas alone for 5 years and also knowing I feel so bad and she doesn’t have any emotion is crippling me.

How do I at least ease the pain?
How do you pick yourself up after a breakup?
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