Ex is acting immature?

My ex has been kinda driving me crazy. But I can’t help it that I’m still kind of attached to him but it is so unhealthy. Every time he texts me I get so nervous to what he says ( not in a good way ) and we’ve been arguing and he’s been acting really immature which breaks my heart because he once was fighting for me and telling me how much he needed me. Now when we argue sometimes he’ll ignore me or leave me on opened and it’s all based on something I’m saying outta respect and we’ll be how I’m not gonna wait around for him but still care about him

For example last night we were supposed to meet up and he asked me earlier that day what time. I told him around 9-10ish or whenever I felt like it and he was like “oh yeah?” And I asked him what was wrong and he was like “nothing lol” then around 9:30 that night I texted him saying he could come get me ( I’m not allowed to go out past 10 ) and he texted me almost an hour later asking the address. I told him that I had already taken all my makeup off because he took too long and we went back and forth and he was like “you didn’t text me all day, I’m not gonna respond to you in 5 seconds” and I told him how I sat around waiting for over 45 minutes for him to text me back and he was basically saying how I should’ve waited longer and it was no big deal that he wasn’t answering right away. Who’s to blame in this situation?
Ex is acting immature?
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