Am I crazy for feeling this way?

Soo I broke up with my ex more than 2 months ago actually he broke up with me due to distance. He told me he was always missing me and hated it and wanted someone he could see everyday. I was so emotional after that and felt like I had lost my best friend because I had. We have been in contact on and off since then but it’s just not the same. I’m always initiating now and it seems like his whole demeanor has changed. We’ve been talking since Thanksgiving and he told me he didn’t wanna go back to the relationship but wanted something casual. This kinda hurt my feelings because it was like he never really liked me in the first place and I know I’m a pretty girl because he told me and I get it all the time but I’m used to guys saying that to me and he was my first boyfriend. I just honesty wanna know if he lied about his feelings for 2 months and how he would always tel me that he needed me. Is anything still there even though we broke up because he doesn’t act like it. Last night we were supposed to meet up ( sexually ) I only agreed because I want him in my life and I text him at 9:30 and he takes almost an hour to respond and by that time I’m already in bed. Then he gets mad saying I didn’t wait for him and o told him I wasn’t gonna wait for him or anyone and we went back and forth and he was like “you didn’t text me all day , don’t expect me to answer in 5 seconds” then basically just acted childish and I told him that’s how I felt and he ignored me. I don’t understand why doesn’t he see that I was there for him and I’m too good to him? He always told me how he needed me when we dated why doesn’t he see it now? And why does he still view my Snapchat’s if he’s so “mad” all the time at me.
Am I crazy for feeling this way?
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