How to get over someone who hurt you, but have to see everyday?

This guy and I started talking and I thought he was interested because he would always stop by my job and say hi to me. We hung out one night, and he asked if he could kiss me, then we started making out. He asked if I wanted to take “this” back to my place, but I said no, so we continued talking, and he took me home afterwards. Since he didn’t pressure me to go further that night, I thought he was a good guy. We hung out again a few days later, and we ended up going down on each other. Literally the next day, he stopped talking to me. I asked him twice within a week and a half if he wanted to hangout, but he told me no because he was busy. To be fair, it was finals week, and we’re both music majors, so I know how hectic finals can get. The fact that he didn’t reschedule, made me feel like shit. Anyway, he didn’t text/talk to me for weeks, then over the summer, he texts me out of the blue, and I asked him what he wanted from our “fling”, and he told me that he didn’t know what he wanted but that he wouldn’t mind getting to know me better. That never happened because he never texted me after that. When the fall semester started, he would avoid me whenever he saw me in person, but he followed me on social media again, which I thought was strange. Anyway, I’m aware that I was used and ghosted, and I was really hurt by that (kind of still am) but how do I heal if I see him constantly? Even though we attend a large university, there’s only about 150-200 music majors on campus, so he and I are in a lot of the same classes, and I’m too close to graduating to transfer schools.
How to get over someone who hurt you, but have to see everyday?
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