Unblocked For A Purpose?

My ex had me block on Instagram after our break up she met someone new last night I was on Instagram happen to type in the first two letters of another account & she came up on top of that her profile is public as to when I was with her she always had it private. My intuition tells me she want to see me suffer a bit let me curiosity get the best of me, mind you I know she has seen my transformation dropped 40lb semi cut athletic as can be just all around healthy I didint even react to noticing It felt calculated.. a few months back when she started dating him I was blocked on everything now she’s frequently active on Instagram as to before she was not. I laughed when she captioned one of her with her new partner ( didint have to forced him to have matching pjs) Christmas post, just feel like she’s doing it all to trigger me lol mind you I’m way healthier physically & mentally I’m not the same person she talked to 7 months ago, So my question is, do you think she still cares to be doing this intentionally?
Unblocked For A Purpose?
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