Removed on everything by ex?

I had the worst and basically the only TRUE fight I’ve ever had with my ex. It’s too much detail to go into but he lives on his own and never really leaves his house. I live states away from him too. He had revealed to me in a emotionally heavy 3 hour call which he cried the deep extents of his depression and dire up and downs with his type 1 diabetes. I assured , comforted and listened as hard as I could. They have hurt me variously and I’ve forgiven them but the one time I do something that was done out of care that they took too hard they flip out. They did something extremely fucked up but are too stubborn to admit it, I apologized for my side of the fight and after it was all said and done they still had me added on everything imaginable. We were just ignoring one another like we did when we first broke up. His birthday was the 22nd but I didn’t wish him a happy birthday as to leave him alone. I was posting and they were using Snapchat regularly but when I did it was always my dog or stupid food close ups... come Christmas I posted a big smiling pic on Snapchat/and as my new discord icon I haven’t changed in months. I shit you not the second I did I see they deleted me on everything. Why not do that AFTER he said he was done talking in his last message when the fight happened why wait 2 weeks plus ON Christmas. What is his deal? Please give any possible insight.
Removed on everything by ex?
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