Am I crazy or am I right?

So I suffer from depression. I have a terrible relationship with my mother and my father who I’m very close to just relapsed not too long ago and I’m scared to death every day that somethings going to happen to him because my parents aren’t together anymore. I have no friends and I am struggling in school. I have reached past the point of stress. I try and talk to my boyfriend about how I’m feeling all the time and he says that I’m drowning and that I make a good conversation shitty and that I constantly make him stressed because he takes my stresses and makes them him stresses. He makes me feel like shit every time I try to talk to him about something that isn’t so pleasant. And when I tell him that his responses hurt my feelings when im clearly already feeling like shit as it is, he says that I’m just trying to play the victim.
Am I crazy or am I right?
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