How to stop looking at the new girls pics?

So I am trying everything for getting over my ex and I think it’s kind of working. However my self control sucks and I decided to go on his Ig last night
We broke up because we go to separate colleges an hour and a half away and he said he wanted something closer. Which hurt because I had already considered transferring closer to home anyway. I gave In like a day after and told him I missed him and he said it back but made it clear he didn’t want to go back to the relationship when I was on his Instagram I noticed that he started following a few girls from his school. One of them was rlly pretty ( I know I am rlly pretty too ) but this girl was rlly pretty and had a lot of photos of herself. I freaked out a little and noticed he had just followed her and liked almost all of her bikini pics some of them were rlly old and a lot of her pics in general, he hasn’t commented or anything but still it made me kinda sad. She only liked two of his but I didn’t give it much thought because she posts pics of her with another guy who I saw in some of her posts but I don’t think they’re dating. I know I am pretty too and get compliments every now and then but this girl looked rlly good. She’s 21 and so is my ex ( I’m 18 ) but she’s popular so I don't know if she would give him the time of day but my ex is kinda nice looking. It worries me because my ex could be pursuing her rn and she looked good in those photos and I don't know what to do, I wanna move on but this is hurting my confidence. My mom told me she wasn’t pretty but I don't know that bikini pic rlly hurt me. I’m skinny too but she looked good. He made it clear he was very attracted to me but How do I stop looking at her profile?
How to stop looking at the new girls pics?
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