Why is she angry at me when she pushed me away?

I connected with an old high school crush, and we hung out a few times, and talked all the time. We went out a few times and we had a lot in common, and we got along so well.
She told me I'm the best man she's ever met and she was lucky to have found me. I told her I loved her and she started being distant, and she didn't say it back.
After a week, she finally told me she that she wasn't over her ex, and still had love for him despite him abandoning her and cheating on her. She said she wasn't ready to be in love again.
I gave her a kiss and told her I understood. I knew the pain she had.
I tried waiting for a month, and she became more and more distant, even though we weren't romantic with each other. I asked her how her Christmas was and she snapped at me and sent a very heated text at me and at that point I gave up.
I blocked her on social media, granted I was mad, and I probably shouldn't have done that. But I was hurt. She pushed me away.
I ran into her at a store a few days ago, and she started yelling at me and cried for blocking her and not messaging her. Her sister pulled her away and they left, I didn't really have anything to say.
I unblocked her on Facebook and requested her and messaged her, because I thought I made a mistake.
Not surprisingly, she denied it.

I don't understand. Why is she mad? She pushed me away, and kept pushing me away. Part of me feels I did no wrong. The other part thinks I lost someone special
Why is she angry at me when she pushed me away?
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