He lied about why he broke up with me?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago because he said he couldn’t be with me because of long distance and he wanted someone he could see everyday and he would always drive an hour and a half to see me because I didn’t have a car. That’s how far apart our colleges are.
so after the breakup I told him I missed him and he said the same but made it clear he didn’t wanna go back to the relationship. And brought sex on the table multiple times which I agreed to at first then backed out of because of my feelings. I’m 18 and he is my first boyfriend and I met him on a dating app and we only dated for 2 months but I’ve known him for like 5 now.
Anyways it’s so hard to get over him because he was my first and I was lurking on Instagram the other day and found out he was following some girls at his school and one of them I thought was pretty but she had pics with other guys so I didn’t worry too much about it. Another one went to my school she was decent but not drop dead gorgeous and her hometown is even like 3 hours from where me and my ex live ( we live in the same town ) so Idkk why he followed her. He liked 2 of her pics but Idkk if he’s interested in her romantically and suspected they could be friends from passing and he’s not commenting or anything so I don’t think this means anything but still should I be worried that he lied? He told me he couldn’t do the distance. Am i overreacting? The girl lives far away and it still could be a friend but Idkk. It would rlly hurt my feelings if something were to happen. Because he told me he couldn’t do the distance and if it would make me think I’m not good enough or something
He lied about why he broke up with me?
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