Why do I keep getting told this?

I've tried to date several girls since my engagement ended 3 years ago.
I truly thought I had my soulmate, and the love of my life. But she called off the marriage because of religious difference.
Since then, I've dated 3 girls for an extended period of time. All three of them tell me the same thing. I'm this wonderful person who makes them feel so loved and Happy, but they always end our relationship.
The first girl was just insane and I didn't care she ended things because I was going to. The second girl was fresh from a long relationship, and she said I was the best person she could have met for her. We got along so well, I made her smile Everytime we talked, and all this. But she stopped dating me because she wasn't over her ex and pushed me away until I completely left her life, and was angry for leaving.
This recent girl I was with said I was a truly amazing person, and I'll make someone so happy. But after some issues at home, and an 'accidental' night with drugs, she needs to find herself and figure herself out.

I don't understand. If I'm such a great person and all this, why doesn't anyone want to be with me?
Like I just don't get it.
Why do I keep getting told this?
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