My boyfriend broke up with me?

What should I do? My boyfriend and I argued a lot recently, because he was turning very religious and he only wanted to talk about God and nothing more. And he was very rude with me. So, in November he suddenly stop texting me, without saying anything, and he stopped texting his friends too. He turned off his phone and since November I didn’t know nothing about him (I thought he was depressed). So I texted his sister yesterday, and asked for him and then I could talk with him. And he told me that he didn’t want to know anything about me, and that he broke up with me (last time I talked to him, he told me “I love you” as always). What could happen? We didn’t argue since so long, and when we argued was because he was talking about worshipping God all the time.
I don’t understand anything. What should I do now?
My boyfriend broke up with me?
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