My boyfriend left me for his ex. Will he realize that he made a mistake?

My boyfriend had dated this girl for around 2.5 years and it had been around 5 months since they had broken up after which we started dating. They broke up because the girl was moving to another country and did not want to do long distance. However, they were still good friends and used to talk.
When we started dating, his ex girlfriend started feeling bad and jealous and used to keep getting upset with him. I asked him if he was completely over her and he said yes and also told me that the reason he was talking to her was because he wanted to be a good friend and since she did not have any friends in the new country, she felt very lonely and just needed someone to talk to. But he promised me that he would maintain a boundary because he respected me.
After that things had been going smoothly and he was honestly the boyfriend of my dreams - he was perfect!
However, his ex recently came back to the country for a week and told him that the real reason she broke up with him in the was that she started liking someone else. She didn't date that person as he wasn't single but she felt that she didn't feel the same way for him and hence, broke up with him but made up an excuse that it was because of long distance. However, she had now realized that she still likes him and wanted to give it another shot. My boyfriend after hearing all this got really confused as she was someone he really loved and it had been only 3 months since we had started dating. He told me that he does like me but the intensity is not the same and thus he was confused. He did not want to keep me hanging and thus he decided that we shouldn't date anymore.
I was devastated after this. To me it just seems like his ex just came back because she started feeling jealous and did not find anyone there. She still lives in another country but he is still going to try it out with her as he wants to know for sure if things can work out between them.
I just hope that he realizes that he made a mistake :(
My boyfriend left me for his ex. Will he realize that he made a mistake?
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